The Center provides small business services to Veterans, DVBE, Reservist and Guard Members in their initiatives to start, cultivate or expand a business initiative. The Center offers  small business training services in areas of business development, marketing, sources of capital, government contracting, financial management, operational infrastructure design and implementation, acquisitions and mergers, employee relations, business planning and much more. Educational workshops are offered in areas of Business Basics, Marketing, Franchising, Business Plan Development, Financing and Government Contracting.

Business Conference
Educational Learning Sessions

Educational learning sessions are specifically designed to address the needs of Veterans interested in starting a business,  to a  seasoned entrepreneur. Each learning session is offered via in-person, webinar, and/or telephonically.


Business Basic Training-This training is designed for individuals interested in starting a business or currently in business for two or less years. Course includes business evaluation, market research, licensing and permit requirements, start-up costs, sources of capital, insurance, cash flow analysis, legal structure, self-employment analysis, cash management, marketing analysis, protecting your business idea, and reality of operating a business.


Business Plan and Strategic Planning Training-This training is designed for individuals interested in writing a viable business plan. The workshop discusses key components of developing a business plan. Topic matter includes purpose of plan, organizational and market objectives, competitive comparison, financial management, business environment, customer profile, potential litigation, legal structure, suppliers, marketing strategy, operational infrastructure design, market analysis, recordkeeping, tools to forecast business needs, cash management, start-up costs, forecasting, traditional financing,
personnel, and much more.

Boots to Business: Reboot

The State of California SB and DVBE Certification and Contracting

IRS Tax Regulations

EDD State of California

Government Contracting  

Access to Capital

Insurance Requirements for a Small Business

Certifications and much more.

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The Center offers one to two-day conferences with an emphasis including Federal, State, Municipality and Prime contracting opportunities; Access to Capital-Where’s the Money, Business Credit, Franchising, Enterprise and HUB zones, Federal and State Tax Regulations, Insurance, Certifications, Capabilities Statements, Cybersecurity for Small Business, Federal Acquisition Regulations and Legislation, and much more.