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Veteran Owned Business Success Stories

VBOCIX has worked with many incredible veteran owned business owners to help them start and continue to expand and grow. Here are some of our inspirational veteran business owners and their success stories. 

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Jack Smith, Founder

Fortuna BMC

The pandemic has affected businesses nationwide, resulting in employment declines for many industries. In June of 2020, Fortuna BMC, a long-standing client of VBOC, won a massive project that required large-scale rapid deployments at a moment’s notice. Just in time for the holiday, Fortuna BMC swiftly delivered a turnkey 200+ person call center comprised of California remote workers in a span of two months. Fortuna BMC provided job opportunities across the state amidst the ongoing pandemic. The newly developed team provided support to Midwestern US locations, and is expected to grow and scale up Fortuna BMC’s existing California operations.  

Recruiting and staffing are important aspects of Fortuna BMC’s capabilities. They are your go-to partner for on-demand team building, wherein they build consulting and implementation teams including project managers, business analysts, helpdesk, contact center support and technical support teams, specific to any business or project needs. They recruit from a qualified talent pool based anywhere in the United States and deliver locally wherever the project is located. Fortuna BMC provides teams and candidates within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the project requirements.  

Fortuna BMC is a client of VBOC and a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) and certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with the federal government. The company is also a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) in the State of California and all Los Angeles entities, a certified SDVOB in the State of New York and a certified Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) in the State of Ohio. 

Taggart Neal, Founder


Veterans embody the qualities of successful entrepreneurs: leadership, dedication, resilience, and the ability to pivot during uncertain times. Taggart Neal, a United States Navy Veteran, recently rose to meet the current challenges and needs of medical professionals around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Taggart Neal first reached out to his local Veterans Business Outreach Center in 2009, when he began receiving complimentary business consulting and training services. Taggart received the VBOC 2017 Small Business Champion of the Year Award due to his hard work and passion for his business and the healthcare sector. 


In 2019, Taggart founded TAGCarts, a company committed to creating top-quality healthcare medical carts, workstation carts, and smart rail systems. As the global disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, TAGCarts pivoted to meet the needs of healthcare professionals around the world. TAGCarts met the moment and responded to frontline healthcare workers in a time of need. They shifted their attention and resources to rapid innovation, lean design, and large-scale production of the HEROCart™: the only medical cart designed for pop-up healthcare deployment and emergency field hospitals.  


The HEROCart™ addresses long-term storage needs for hospital patient surge requirements and emergency/disaster response centers around the world to address the safety, and efficacy of healthcare professionals in temporary and semi-permanent emergency environments of care. The product is readily available, increases nurse / patient safety, reduces cross contamination, optimizes nurse workflow, and environmentally friendly and less expensive. View the full press release here

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Timothy Devine, Founder

Aviate Enterprises

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Lt Col Timothy P. Devine USAF retired founded Aviate Enterprises, Inc. in 2014 after a long and successful career in the Air Force.  His vast experience in aviation, bioenvironmental engineering, occupational safety and health, the intelligence community, the nuclear industry and servicing government contracts led him to found Aviate Enterprises, Inc. with the goal of helping procurement specialists and more recently providing  

Aviate Enterprises, Inc. is focused on supporting City, State and Federal purchasing professionals meet or exceed mandated goals for business with Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Small Business(SB) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise(DVBE) and HUBZone (Historical Underutilized Business Zones) while providing quality products, services, and proven solutions on a best-value basis. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aviate Enterprises thought outside of the box and embraced adversity to provide PPE to the state of California. Though Aviate Enterprises was tasked with an immense challenge, the team worked extremely hard to provide hand sanitizer and PPE to the state of California, including going to extreme measures such as airlifting materials from China to the United States, working all hours of the night to pack materials for shipping, to loading trucks and taking extra security measures for PPE. Aviate Enterprises warehouse employees also held socially distanced meeting six feet apart as well as wearing PPE to meet the moment and deliver on their promises to the state.  

Mike Olivier, Founder

CommTech Systems, Inc.

Mike Olivier is the founder of CommTech Systems, a veteran owned business that provides Program Management services. Their staff consists of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) that assist clients in building strong requirements, developing project management plans, and ensuring the projects continue measured against the performance management baseline. On September 28, 2020, with support from VBOCIX, CommTech Systems was awarded a $249,000 contract to provide professional engineering services to support the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) in its effort to support the Joint Operational Energy Command and Control (JOEC2) Testbed.  

With this new contract, CommTech Systems will work with the NIWC to develop the requirements for future logistic command and control systems. The objective of this effort is the development of requirements for near real time energy consumption status, decision support systems, and the frameworks for the efficient delivery of energy. CommTech Systems will conduct evaluations of individual energy systems and other low impact energy systems that can augment energy supplies.  

CommTech Systems Inc. is a California State Certified SB (Small Business) and a DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) DGS No. 41194. CommTech Systems Inc. is also a Department of Veterans Affairs CVE (Center for Verification and Evaluation) certified SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business). To reach the point of contact at CommTech Systems, please email Mike Olivier at  mikeo@commtechsystems.com 

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Robert Vermillion

Renee Mitchell


RMV Technologies, a veteran owned small business and long-time VBOC client, remains dedicated to support all efforts to ensure that the products used in healthcare and by the US Military will meet the conformance requirements for static control medical devices, packaging, masks, gloves, garments and products used in the operating  room, critical care or in the harsh environments required by the US Military, DOE, NASA and any other agencies that must maintain the health and safety of their personnel. Considered "Essential Business", they continue to test existing and new products that require validation or qualification under R&D that must have more in depth testing before launch into the marketplace for a successful debut. Located on a NASA government site RMV Technologies has implemented safety guidance rules for working in factory, assembly, and cleanroom areas that they then sent out to both NASA and UC Berkeley Space Science Labs.  

RMV Technologies recently turned to virtual online training platforms to pivot their business.  In collaboration with VBOC, RMV Technologies is partnering to create a Virtual Training Series aimed to educate individuals about COVID-19 risk mitigation from materials handling to incoming inspections. The training will also focus on the most effective use of PPE materials including awareness and more technical information. They are working to ensure their training will be useful and engaging for clients as they adjust to this “new normal.” The ease of delivery and absorption by the participant will be critical in getting the awareness that will be effective in its transmission of "simply said" critical data. 

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